Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have watched PUSH and I love the movie so much theres a lot of twist that will let your mind think and think and think… Nick a “mover”, has the ability to move objects around him with his mind he met Cassie a 13 year old kid, a “watcher” who has psychic abilities. Henry who is the division head who is responsible for killing nicks parents when he was a kid.
In hongkong cassie and nick meet kira who is also a “pusher” who escape from the division that will help them kill the division head henry. Their mission is to find the suitcase that they desperately wants and will never let it out of their hand.

The movie is quite confusing because kira said she never met nick who is actually her ex-boyfriend but kira said that all are all illusions that she never knew nick, but when nick wrote something on the red envelope before they start vtheir fight from henry, nick gave the envelope to kira and said she needs to open it when she finally wants the truth.

In the end when kira decided to open it, she was surprised to see a real picture of her and nick together that made her realize that what was going between the two of them were real, on that picture nick wrote “KILL HIM” when kira and henry were on the plane and then she killed the division head. The power of "pushing" is pretty cool. You never know if you're seeing what's really happening or if a pusher is creating an illusion.

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy hearts day!!!

Let's celebtrate love, the most wonderful feeling in this place we live in. Everyone can share romance. Lucky are those who are loved and cared for but of course for those who are celebrating this day alone dont you guys worry because there are people who cared about you like friends and you family.

Yes, it's that time of year again, whether you love it or not everyone celebrates valentines day. It's so funny that we only celebrate valentines every 14th of february, where in fact we could celebrate it everyday by showing how much we love them.

Spoil our loved ones by giving valentine's presents like flowers, chocolates, greeting card or if the budget is too tight, just sweeten up the mood by preparing your loved-ones a mouth-watering meal, customized valentines card or if you dont have much time a simple kiss will do just to show our appreciation and how much we are thankful that god gave them to us. Dont forget to show and tell how much you love them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

earn money thru blogs

Blogging is one way of expressing yourself and bringing new or additional ideas to your readers. i start blogging last november and im happy because im learing new things everyday. I get to leaern this thing when my friend leslie encourage me to do the same thing she does, thru blogs, reviews, advertisements and pay-per-clicks she earned lots of money, and i mean a lot. Shes doing reviews for everything and thru her blogs she gets paid thru paypal and she really loves to do shopping on-line thats why i really love blogging. I'ts not only how to earn money but you're actually doing things that you love the most and you enjoy.

You'll meet people with different kinds of view and different walks of life. Before the holidays i wasnt able to visit my blog for quite some time because im very busy getting ready for christmas and new year. I'm still new to this and trying to learn how blog works and my friends Leslie, Doods and Mommy Sherly helped me sign up with different directories where i could post my blog, and other sites like pay-per-post, pay-per-clicks and a lot more that may help me know more about blogging.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

losing weight is the hardest thing to do

Losing weight is the hardest thing for me to do. During the holidays (christmas and new year) i cant resist those mouth-watering foods especially lechon, the Filipino's all time favorite food. Despite of the cholesterols and extreme calorie content we dont really care because holiday is best time to eat the food that we want like carbonara, menudo, crispy pata, kare-kare, morcon, ham, barbeque, salad, cakes, etc.
I gain 10 lbs of my normal weight and I should say that i'm getting bigger and bigger. I need to keep my self healthy altough i love eating a lot. My friends always tease me and im not happy how they make fun of me.
I need to do something to get back my confidence and make myself happy and proud. I'm taking one step at a time and i can't promise to do it everyday but i'll do my very best to lose weight and bring back the good times of me being sexy. hahahaha. :) Here are some ways on how we could stay healthy.
Do the exercise. it is very important for us to stay healthy and keep our body fit and burn those calories that we take for the day, its not necessary for us to enroll ourselves in a gym because we could still do it at home. by simply walking around, do the dishes, laundry and other house hold chores you're actually burning those fats. you could also do squats and instead of using dumbells you could use a bottle of water that usually weigh 5 lbs and do 3 seta of 15 squats.
Eat healthy. Eating healthy is tricky but of course we have to be sure that we dont only eat what we want but we have to eat what we need. avoid junk foods and sweets. Add more vegies. Even vegetables doesnt taste good we have to make sure that we add vegies to our meal beccause it is rich with beta-carotine and fiber. and fiber will help us to regualte good digestion and healthy body and mind.
Lessen the carbs. There is a wrong notion that avoiding carbs is a good way of losing weight, yeah somehow but avoiding carbs is not right because carbs is our source of energy without it we wont be able to do our task the normal way. it would always be better for us just to lessen the carbs that we take, instead of eating one cup of rice per meal, why dont we cut it into half so our body could easily adjust to the calorie intake that we have little by little.

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