Thursday, November 20, 2008

happy 4th monthsary

I'm so happy because troa and i are celebrating our 4th monthsary. I cant imagine that were still together, kidding! hahahha He is so patient, he is! Very patient with a childish girlfriend like me. I thank god for having someone like him in my life. I gave him a letter this morning and he said he really lik it and he will keep it forever. ÜÜÜ This are the things i worte to him. "Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for taking good care of me. I know i made a lot of mistakes but ive learned from it and became a better person. Thank you for leading me to the right path and for being my strength for all the problems ive been through. You made me feel complete for making me feel loved, for making me laugh and for telling me how much you ,ove me. Sorry for all the things that caused you pain, for being a childish,jealous and impatient. In my dreams i never imagined having someone as wonderful as you. you're such a caring and loving person and youve filled my life so many good things and special feelings. youve helped me discover how beautiful a relationship can be.I know im with the right person and its the best thing that ever happened to me. iloveu and i'll always love being with you no matter what life brings our way, you're simply my life!" haaaaaaaaaaaAsys, that was so sweet, right? Ü

my little X-mas tRee Ü

Everybody is so busy decorating our stations for the coming yuletide season. Im so excited when i saw this plain small tree and bought it with some accessories (xmas balls, bells,stars,gists and drunms) to accentuate the silver-blue theme to come up with its own uniqueness. When im a bit stress i just look at my little xmas tree and it would somehow ease the pain because i know Christmas is coming. Yey!

who is santa?

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Does he really exist? Let's know a bit who the real Santa is.. Some says that he is St. Nicholas, who lived in Turkey, where he served as bishop in the town of Myra during the fourth century. They say that he is being remembered because of his generosity towards children and the less fortunate people. The guy who ride with his reindeirs and give gifts thru chimneys. When we ask our parents who santa is, they would just say hes the guy in red suit having to white hair all over his face who give gifts to those kids that are nice. Santa Claus travels around the world each year on Christmas Eve and delivers gifts to good children with the help of Mrs. Claus, elves and his reindeers like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. Whether you call him St. Nicholas, St. Nick or Santa Claus, though, the man represents the same thing to nearly everyone who celebrates Christmas and the holiday season.

Christmas is all about love.

Christmas is near.. we only have 34 days left to celebrate X-mas. We're all excited bec this season unites all the members of the family where everbody is happy exchanging their gifts, spending time with their loved ones and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Each nation has its own unique way of commemorating Christmas. But celebrating christmas in the philippines is the best, you cant afford to missed it. we have "noche buena" were all the members of the family is there to eat together before christmas starts. All kids are busy getting their gifts from their godparents, counting their money and sharing foods with their playmates. During my college days, i always save a little money to buy something for the less fortunate. and i want to do it again to share the blessing that i received from god almighty. Christmas season taught us to share what we have, to give love and to commemorate the the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is all about love.

Friday, November 14, 2008

wwe fanatics, ilove john cenaÜ

Im so addicted to WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment). i love to watch wrestlemania and i start watching this program when i was a kid, i was 4yrs old then. I dont know whats with WWE former WWF(World Wrestling Federation) because even if they say its all scripted i do still watch and enjoy watchin my favorite star John Cena(you cant see me, my time is now!)Ü and i never missed a single episode every friday at 10pm on RPN9 during the late 80's. Im an avid fan of Hulk Hogan, he's blonde hair and yellow bandana evoke fond memories of "Hulkamania" in anyone who watched him wrestle. Hulk Hogan was the biggest star of his era and one of the most popular faces of all time. Even my favorite John Cena is a huge WWE fan since his childhood, rooting for heroes like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels, Cena had honestly never even considered a career in WWE. But eventually he became the WWE Champion (yes!). We should never underestimate the wrestling world. coz former wrestler Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. "The Rock" has become a bona-fide movie star. Now John Cena bids for film fame in The Marine. John Cena traces his rise in the entertainment business, from the mat to the mall cineplex. Until now im still watching wwe thru jackTV, when i missed an episode i always asked my friend to download the episode for me so i could still be updated and also since im not an american citizen when i cant watch their pay-per-view il make sure that i could still watch it by downloading it and watch it over thru dvd/ipod/psp. WWE is really entertaining for guys like me who found it interesting. But of course its more exciting to watch UFC where you could see those bloods overflowing to their body and thats the real fighting, WWE is recommended for kids but they should try it home only professional could do it.. Watching WWE is really fun. ÜÜÜ

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most of us are now fond of using PSP (PlayStation Portable). Everyone has this gadget. When you go anywhere else you'll see it wether you are rich, middle-class or not so so. Most of my officemates have it. We also do game-sharing. The good thing about PSP its not all about gaming, it could also play music and movies, store photos or even take pictures if you do have an attachable camera on it. You could also use PSP to surf the net coz it has 802.11b wireless connectivity which let us play up to 16 gamers to hook up on a local wireless network or to the Internet for multiplayer gaming. PSP is portable, you could bring it anywhere you go. What I notice about PSP is the widescreen monitor that takes up practically the entire width of the device. PSP has USB 2.0 port, Memory Stick portwhere you could use upto 8g of mmc, Universal Media Disc slot, stereo headphone jack and WiFi wireless LAN port, Built-in stereo speakers and Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and it could stay up to 6hours of continous gaming but you can also purchase extra battery packs for longer playtime on the road. I bought a used PSP thru my friend Erickson Santos. I enjoyed playing games like Luxor, heroes"naruto", DragonballZ, 6wonders of the world and Silent hill. I also transferred my mp3 songs to it just in case i forgot to bring my ipod with me i could still listen to my favorite songs using my PSP. Im also fond of watching WWE's Smackdown and RAW especially their pay-per-views like no mercy,unforgiven, etc. When i missed watching those episodes i always ask my boyfriend and my friend Wel to download those episodes and save it thru USB or MMC, and i get to watch it using my PSP, no need to wait for me to come home coz i could still watch my favorite videos and series when im at work during my aux or when im idle. We dont need to bring ipod's, portable dvd players, digital cameras, and laptop with us coz PSP does it all. And guys let me just remind you that when you plan to upgrade/update the firmware of your PSP into a higher version you need to make sure that the device(your PSP) is full of charge and make sure that the AC adaptor is properly connected to your PSP and to the wall as well. If by any chance it get disconnected while upgrading the firmware, your PSP is Bricked. It might be stuck when it get to flash 1 while installing custom firmware or it might not come on at all. Sony has a special battery and software that could help us unbrick our PSP, they call it "pandora's battery". And if you got a PSP thats bircked and you cant do anything with it anyway, might as well give it a shot and try this steps that i got from yahoo on how to unbrick PSP.

1.Download DC 7
2.putit in a game on your memory stick
3. take out your normal battery and put the pandoras battery in
4. after it loads go to NAND operations
5. go to Format lflash
6.chhose the flash that needs to be fixed
7. let DC 7 reformat the flash your choosing

And to restore ID storage

1.repeat the steps 3-4
2. go to IDstorage tools
3.choose your region
4. press "X" when prompted to "get real MAC" "->" "X" again to restore the IDstorage

then after you follow all these steps you'll get to enjoy playing games again on your PSP. ÜÜÜ

jealousy will kill you

Maybe you guys are wondering why most relationship failed right? Well, one of the reasons is jealousy. What is jealousy? It is a negative feeling, angry thoughts, and behaviors of insecurity,
fear, and anxiety that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival, or when another person is perceived to have some type of advantage. It could destroy a relationship. Why do we sometime feel jealous of something? Due to poor self esteem; desire for revenge when your partner did something wrong before you also do exactly what he/she did just to get even or for him to feel exactly how much youve been hurt ; fear of abandonment ; fear of loss of love when you feel that theres no connection with you guys anymore; fear
f being dishonored in the relationship when you feel that your partnet disrespect you by showing a not so good gestures or deeds and lastly due to unresolved issues from past relationships a feelings of anger, hurt, frustration, or pain. In my case i always get jealous when somebody tries to get the attention of my special someone. I should say that it can be frustrating, annoying, painful and even embarrassing. I think that i am doomed to live with it forever. Sometimes i feel like being betrayed when he kept something from me, "whitelies" is what they call it. When he
knows that i might get angry of s0mething he wont let me know it unless i find it out, bottomline is, we all hate LIES! Reality is that we know we can stop jealousy. How? by trusting your partner and let him speak for himself and it would always be better for us to listen and not to talk when your partner is trying to explain the real side of the story. It would be much appreciated when you tell things straight, being true to what you feel, what happened even that will make you feel angry. I appreciate people who's honest enough to admit their mistakes. Admitting things that may cause misunderstanding would lessen the burden. If something went
wrong or by accident or you did something you dont wanna do, might as well let the person involve aware of it so she/he would understand and have all the information needed to realize things that you didnt do it on purpose, this will prevent you guys from arguing. Preventing you
partner to ask/investigate things that could make it worse. They say prevention is always better than cure. We cant just give out trust, your partner shoud earn it. By letting us know and feel
that they are sincere and true to what they feel and say. Trust is very important in a relationship. It could get your life back and enjoy the healthy relationships you deserve. By rebuilding trust, and live a happier life. No worries. Just trust yourself as well.. ÜÜÜ

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

make yourself HAPPY

They say im a hopeless romantic, yeah.. i am. haha =) I'm zey and im in a relationship right now. I am very happy and contented of what i have and whom im with. we are on our 4th months now and hopefully he'll be my last. For the past bf's i had i should say i've been thru a lot. I became happy, overjoyed, contented, fulfilled, satisfied, sad, upset and alone. I'ive learned so many things and apply it to my everyday life. When you love, you'll learn how to give out something even if thats the last piece available. you'll learn what "sacrifice" means.

You'll forget everything just for the man you love. You become crazy, or do the craziest thing on earth just to please him. I have loved and been loved. Now, lets go down to business and know why i hated man before.. i was hurt, really hurt. I met this guy on the phone, he was my cousin's friend and he was introduced to me via phone. we used to talk everyday, share everything under the sun.. we talk about everything, bout love, family friends, school, lifestyles, etc. and at some point he tried to tell me how he really feels for me. He told me he like me and after a month or so i just dont know what happened next and i realized that were on a so called "relationship".

I was about to enter college that time and i took my entrance examination at UST (University of Sto Thomas) and MAPUA Institute of Technology planning to take E.C.E. fortunately i passed the examination at ust for (food tech) and ece at mapua but during that time i was so in love and my bf then encourage me to enter the school he attends to. he was lucky because my mom allowed me to enter college at AMA. We were then happy and since were neighbors we go to school together and end the day together. We often go to their place after school. and i was overwhelmed bec his family was so nice to me and they treat me right. My bf then is a typical "boy next door" and i hate it when girls used to flirt iwth him. i always end up to stay quiet when im jealous and when i am he knows im so pissed off and he will please me as much as he can just to break the coldness between us.

But the we realized that i am not yet ready to eneter in a relationship, i was too yound to handle a relationship with a man who's 5 years older than me. After a couple of weeks 92 maybe) i found out that he going out with another girl and after a day or two his brother told me that they are officially bf/gf. duh?! that was so quick! i felt like dying. i dont know what went wrong, if theres something i did, for hime to do such thing. i am so upset and for a couple of months no owrds would come out on my mouth bec im so disappointed and i felt like im a big loser. but with the help of my friends they made me realize that i lost nothing. me who did nothing but to love, care and help him in my own little ways did my best and i should say i did my part and theres no need to regret what happened

bec god has a reason for allowing things to happen we may never understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will.. and yes his right, i have found my true happiness now with my man, family and friends. I have learned that we shouldnt worry if we chose to stay single and enjoy every single moment of you life with your family and friends rather than to stay in a relationship who'll treat you hell out of it, and who doesnt even know your worth... Happiness is a decision you make and we ourselves are the one who decides wether we want our lives to be happy, NO ONE ELSE. . ÜÜÜ